I’m just one tiny voice in The Legend of Korra fandom but, Nickelodeon is putting the show on a hiatus due to ratings. These ratings are due to their lack of advertising. We love our show a lot and a lot of work has been put into it. I am asking that all fandoms come together to watch Legend of Korra at 8ET THIS FRIDAY to boost ratings. I know this many not do anything, but it’s worth a shot. You don’t even have to watch it, as long as the TV is on. This would mean the world to us. So Reblog and signal boost this post!

me:  ugh he is such a dorky little shit, he is literally a piece of trash and i cant stand his face
friend:  so you hate him?
me:  no hes my favorite character
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that feeling of when you’re in a group of friends
but you’re not really in that group of friends



my hobbies include staying up until 2am for no reason and being exhausted the next day


evening doodle

Kageyama here


The 変人 duo | Kageyama Tobio and Hinata Shouyou